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Product description

Saté or Satay is an essential seasoning in Southeast Asia. It is made with peanuts, peppers, Chinese spices and ground shrimp.

Recommended dishes

  • Roasted chicken wings with saté sauce
  • Cod with saté sauce
  • Steamed vegetables with saté sauce (Vegetarian dish)
  • Deepfried Tofu with saté sauce (Vegetarian dish)

spices saté satay

Using advice

Stir-fry in a wok, marinate meat or seafood, prepare a sauce or broth.

Preservation method

Close well after opening, keep in a cool place.


peanut, sesame, sulphites


spices saté satay

Ref 512 100g

spices saté satay

Ref 511 250g

spices saté satay

Ref 502 500g

spices saté satay

Ref 516 1050g

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